Gotta start somewhere… how about Steph Curry?!?

Firstly, welcome to everyone who has found my little blog.  It’s going to be (virtually) entirely based on the MLB, NBA and NFL but living in Australia there might be a little (and I mean little) Aussie sport thrown in for fun.

So… what do I choose for my maiden blog?  Peyton Manning retiring with what may be the greatest farewell speech ever?  Maria Sharapova found to have taken a banned substance and may be facing a lifetime ban from the WTA?  A-Rod belts a home run with his first swing of Spring Training?  Nah, there’s only one story that has been capturing the hearts and ratings of the United States (and many Australians as well)… the Golden State Warriors.

I’ve been following the NBA for around 25 years and have been drawn hypnotised by Bird, Magic and Jordan to Olajuwon and Robinson to Kobe and Shaq to LeBron and Durant. When the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls were ploughing their way to 72 regular season wins and their 4th title it was as exciting as anything I had seen, before or since… until this season.  The way the Warriors began the season with a 24-0 start was unlike anything we had EVER seen.  Not a lot of us were able to witness the 33 game winning streak of the 71-72 Lakers which is a shame with a team that boasts a very enviable ‘Big 3’ of West, Chamberlain and Baylor.  But the style of basketball that we’re seeing from these Warriors is unlike anything in the history of the NBA… maybe that’s why they’re sitting with a record of 57-6 after their 115-94 home victory over the Jazz.  And the shining star of this superteam is their reigning MVP, Stephen Curry.

He’s been crowned the greatest outside shooter in NBA history, and if you review his career it’s hard to argue.  He owns the 3 greatest single seasons and 4 of the top 6 in terms of 3 point field goals (complete list here) made as well as having the second highest career 3 point percentage (only current coach Steve Kerr’s .4540 bests Curry’s .4444) but this season is one out of the box.

He has already overtaken his record 286 from last season and did it in just 58 games at an insane 5.1 made 3’s per game.  To put that into context he averaged a (comparatively pedestrian) 3.6 per game when he set the previous record last season.  Over his 475 game career he’s averaged 3.1 made 3’s per game while the all time record holder (Ray Allen) averaged 2.3 per game.  At his current per game pace Curry will surpass the all time record in another 477 games (or just under 6 seasons if he was to play 80 games per season) which would put Curry into his 13th season.  The fact that Allen took 19 seasons to set his record just shows how ridiculous Curry has been.

The other comparison that’s getting all the attention this season is to put Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry side by side.  I find this impossible since they are such different players.  The debate of who the greater players of all time is (sometimes) a heated one, one which I find no option but to place Jordan at the top of the hill.  While we’re on the topic everyone has their all time starting 5… so here’s mine!


PG – Magic Johnson

SG – Michael Jordan

SF – LeBron James (as a HUGE Larry Bird fan that’s hard to type!)

PF – Tim Duncan

C – Wilt Chamberlain


Let the bashing begin!  I know Bill Russell won all those titles and Kareem is the all time MVP leader but there has never been a more imposing player (yes, even more than Shaq) than Wilt.  I mean come on… he scored 100 points in a game!  He grabbed 55 rebounds in a game!  He averaged 48.5 minutes per game for an entire season… and the games are only 48 minutes long!  He averaged 50 points a game for an entire season (see his game logs here). Imagine how many easy buckets he would get with Magic and LeBron passing him the ball… scary.

Anyway, I digress.  For all those people comparing Curry to Jordan… calm the ^#$% down! Jordan created his legacy over 12 seasons (who counts those 2 years with Washington!) while Curry has only 4 full season since missing the majority of 2 years with terrible ankle injuries.  This isn’t to say that Curry won’t be on some people’s all time NBA team when it’s all said and done, but there’s no way he’s even in the same conversation at this stage.

Well, that will probably do it for an opening blog entry!  I will endure to leave an entry every couple of days so I hope you’ll all keep this saved as a Favourite, and let me know what you think on twitter at @mrhowellybear.

Until next time, may your jumpers be all net and your pitches be strikeouts!



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