What do they say, opinions are like another name for your bottom… everyone has one! And this blogger is no exception (about the opinions, that is!). And with that in mind, here are my award winners for the 2016 MLB season.

AL MVP – Mike TroutAngels

I know, chalk pick. But come on, give me another name that you would instantly think of and not hesitate. All Mike Trout has done since entering the league is put up historical numbers, as well as finish 2nd, 2nd, 1st and 2nd in MVP voting since 2012. Also no player in MLB history has amassed the HR, RBI, Runs and SB in their first 5 seasons… and that includes his 2011 season of just 40 games! WOW!

Seems as though the only person able to stop Giancarlo Stanton is Giancarlo Stanton…

NL MVP – Giancarlo StantonMarlins

Call me nuts but this will hit 60 home runs in a season, he was on pace last year for exactly 60 so go ahead, call me nuts! He can’t be THAT unlucky that he’s always getting hurt, there’ll be that magical season that he looks like a younger Barry Bonds and I think 2016 is the season. Also having Bonds as the Marlins hitting coach can’t do any harm… can it?!?

AL Cy Young – Chris SaleWhite Sox

He strikes out everyone and doesn’t give up runs… sounds fair enough, right? After an un-Sale like 3.41 ERA in 2015 he’ll back up strong, combine that with a stronger lineup and that should give him enough to beat out David Price.

NL Cy Young – Clayton KershawDodgers

Normally a guy have a season of 16 wins, a 2.13 ERA and 301 K’s they’d take out the Cy… but he wasn’t even the highest voted guy on his OWN TEAM! Until he’s no longer a MLB starting pitcher he’s going to be my choice for this award, bit like how Michael Jordan should’ve been MVP every season he was in the NBA.

Byron Buxton represents the (hopeful) future of the Twins.

AL Rookie of the Year – Byron Buxton, Twins

It’s an obvious choice, I know! But of all the guys coming up this season he’s already cemented a starting position so barring a severe slump he should be good for at around 140 games. That alone should be enough for him to steal plenty of bases and (for my sake) hit a high enough average.

NL Rookie of the Year – Corey Seager, Dodgers

See Buxton, Byron. Seager has a starting job and a position in a fairly decent lineup sewn up and enough power to make a difference. Don’t expect the .337 average from his limited 2015 season but anything close to .300 will give him the first of many MLB accolades to come his way during his career.

World Series Teams – ???

So after 162 games and 2 postseason series there’ll only be 2 teams standing. Your AL representative will be the Houston Astros (yeah, I hear you booing). In that home park they are dynamic and their rotation will be good enough. Having picked up Ken Giles won’t have hurt either. As far as the NL is concerned it’s the Dodgers. Their lineup can be borderline Toronto like and led by Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen the pitching staff will be capable out West. And your 2016 World Series Champs? How about the Dodgers in 5 with Yasiel Puig as MVP.

Let’s wait until October to find out how accurate these are, but feel free to judge well before that!


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