As an Australian I’m certainly out on my own limb when I talk about how I get pumped for the start of the MLB season. Add to that I enjoy playing Fantasy Baseball (3 leagues this year!) and I look like a polar bear in Arizona with a Seahawks jersey. But I stand by my joy of baseball and everything about it… so there!

In 2011 my wife and I spent 3 wonderful weeks on holiday in the United States, covering off most of the must see attractions that most tourists get to. But there were 3 things that I was most looking forward to… a Clippers v Grizzlies game at Staples Centre with seats 3 rows from the baseline (and it was awesome!), a tour of Fenway Park while staying in Boston (would’ve loved to catch a game but they were on the road to start the season) and a Yankees v Twins day game in the Bronx. As much as the NBA was something I’d always wanted to see with my own eyes my growing affair with MLB was too much to ignore.

Ask any Australian about baseball and they’ll tell you baseball is the most boring sport on Earth… which is funny as Americans find 5 days of teams standing on a field WAYYYY more boring that baseball! There’s something about a walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th or a strikeout in front of the home crowd to get out of a bases loaded jam that gets your hairs to stand on end. And with a 162 game regular season there are plenty of those to go around.

We’ve seen a great slate of games this weekend to begin the 2016 season. The highly favoured San Francisco Giants destroying the Brewers on the road, a great 2015 World Series replay with the same result (Royals over Mets 4-3),  the Dodgers blowing out the Padres behind another masterful outing from Clayton Kershaw (7IP, H, 9K) and the World Series favourite (but not by this blogger) Chicago Cubs schooling the LA Angels 9-0. And it wouldn’t be complete without a game postponed due to weather (2 were cancelled for good measure).

So… 161 games to go… can’t wait!



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