Anyone not think Tim Brady is the best NFL QB ever?

Anyone not think Tim Brady is the best NFL QB ever?

Heads up sports fans… I’m back! Apologies for the rather long break, life sometimes gets in the way of being able to write about the most glorious thing in the world… sport!

And what better time to get back into blogging than by writing a little about arguably the greatest Super Bowl ever, the 34-28 overtime comeback by the New England Patriots over the Atlanta Falcons. There was no chance that the final score was going to become reality after Tevin Coleman scored to make the score 28-3 with 8:31 remaining in the 3rd quarter. But I should know better, after all it was Tom Brady on the other team.

Now I know what you’re saying. How can a team that was able to sack Brady 5 times, intercept a pass for a touchdown and force a fumble that led to a turnover be unable to stop New England from making this a contest? Couple of reasons… Firstly, it’s Tom Brady! We’ve seen this guy do incredible things time and again on the football field so who’s to say it won’t happen again. Secondly, when your defence has been out on the field chasing Brady and his merry band of offensive puppets for a total of 93 plays (Atlanta ran 46) and a total time of 51:36 (Atlanta had the ball for 23:24) it takes a tremendous toll on your body. For those who watched the entire game it was clear to see that the Falcon’s rush had disappeared in the 4th quarter and overtime as Brady found himself with plenty of time to pick out the receiver of this choice and march his team down the field at will.

Who knew this guy would become the G.O.A.T.?

For those that have been missing my ability to saturate these blogs with stats, here are a few to tie you over for a while…

  • Brady becomes the only QB in NFL history with 5 Super Bowl wins, surpassing Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw who each have 4.
  • Brady set a Super Bowl record by throwing 62 pass attempts, breaking the record previously held by Jim Kelly who threw 58 for the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI.
  • Brady broke his own record of 37 by completing 43 passes, also impressive was his 69.4% completion percentage.
  • Brady set a single game record for passing yards with 466 eclipsing the mark set by Kurt Warner in Super Bowl XXXIV of 414 yards.

Add to this the career Super Bowl records Brady holds already which he has added to…

  • Career Super Bowl pass attempts – 309, second is Peyton Manning with 155.
  • Career Super Bowl passes completed – 207, second is Peyton Manning with 103.
  • Career Super Bowl passing yards – 2,071, second is Kurt Warner with 1,156.
  • Career Super Bowl passing TD’s – 15, second is Joe Montana with 11.

Not to make this blog too nerdy with stats but think about these…

  • Tom Brady now has a 5-2 record in the Super Bowl.
  • Apart from the New England Patriots there are only 3 other NFL franchises¬†with as many as 5 Super Bowl victories (Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Dallas).
  • There are only¬†3 other NFL franchises¬†with as many as 7 Super Bowl appearances (Pittsburgh, Dallas and Denver).

Not bad for a guy taken with the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft, makes you wonder what the New York Jets were thinking taking Chad Pennington with the 18th pick.

There will always be debate about who the top quarterbacks in NFL history are. Aikman, Montana, P. Manning, Favre, Brees… but there is only one Tom Brady who has shown that even at age 39 he can make ’em come to their feet and drop to their knees. And this is why he is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.